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2019 Summer Regionals

Congratulations to Nathan Locke who reached the final of the 15yr 200m Backstroke in Weekend 1 at Plymouth.

Also to Georgianna Thorn, 8th in the 17&over 800m Freestyle and Henry Gascoyne 7th in the 11-12years 800m Freestyle.

In the Junior section at Weekend 2 held in Hengrove, Henry Gascoyne gained 5th place in the 11-12years 200m Butterfly and Jed Griffin was placed 6th in the 14yr 50m Breaststroke.

In Weekend 3 at Millfield, Jed was placed 4th in the 14yr 200m Breaststroke and Erin Curtis placed 6th in the 14yr 50m Butterfly.

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