Swimmer of the Month 2018

July 2018

Learner pool - Matthew Short & Phoebe Sharman

Main pool - Oliver Dymond

June 2018

Learner pool - Bryony Matthews and Aiden Cole

Main pool - Ella Holmes

May 2018

Main pool - Eddie Morris and Emma-Jane Taylor

Learner pool - George Dymond and Marlee Sharman

April 2018

Main pool - Stanley Mitchell and Holly Davies

Learner pool - Henry Jones and Lilly Ball

March 2018

Elliot Hussey & Pip Hobbs,

Samuel Falkner & Niamh Harrison

February 2018

Dylan Jenkins & Lily Vallance

Oliver Dymond & Melody Rainbow

January 2018

Reuben Mayell & Amelia Legge

Jack Wills & Scarlett Blee


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