Club Rules


Constitution 2013



Swimmers Agreement, Discipline Policy and Code of Ethics and Conduct


Changes to the code of conduct have been made as of 30th April 2009. All members are responsible to read the changes.


Swim 21 Code of Conduct for Parents



“www” – What does it really mean?

Just to remind you this stands for the  WORLDWIDE web – when you log on to the internet you may think you’re writing an e-mail to just 1 person, or just having a “chat” with a close group of friends, but in reality anything you write and any sites you visit may be seen by other people.

The committee would like to advise all members of NASC that if they learn of any offensive comments made on the Internet about the Club or any of its members, we will consider the matter in line with our constitution and take appropriate action using our discipline policy. Sanctions which may be imposed include suspension or permanent exclusion from the Club.

NASC Committee

5th November 2007

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